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  • About YMCA

    YMCA South Australia

    Attracting more than 450,000 participants each year we provide services to the community from  locations across the state. The YMCA South Australia is a not for profit organisation governed by an elected Board of Directors who, in partnership with the Chief Executive Officer, establish strategic directions, but delegate operation control through a professional management team.

    Healthier, Happier Communities

    At our heart, the YMCA is about enabling healthy, happy communities.


    Healthy Living

    The YMCA believes everyone has the right to a healthier and happier life. Health in body, mind and spirit.  We seek to cultivate the happiness which arises from being positive and valued members of a community, and from taking part in physical activity.

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    Empowering Young People

    The YMCA’s commitment to young people is in our DNA! We value the uniqueness and diversity of young people, and seek to support and empower young people to reach their full potential and develop resilience.  Today’s young people are not just leaders of tomorrow – they are leaders of today.


    Social Impact

    We seek to have a measurable positive impact on the social fabric of the communities where we work, to ensure no one is left behind.

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