Cardiac Rehabilitation

Phase III cardiac rehab is an important next step to help you maintain your healthy lifestyle changes after a heart event. This class is open to anyone who has had, or is at risk of having, a heart event or condition such as a heart attack or atrial fibrillation.

Sessions: Available weekdays 8am - 4pm
Session size: Up to 8 people
Cost: $16
Book: Call 0419 337 587 or email

Medicare, DVA, NDIS and Private Health Insurance funding are all accepted.

Who is cardiac rehab for?

Cardiac rehab is for those who have had and are looking for rehabilitation post event or surgery. Or for those with other diseases that may put one at risk of having a heart event

Aims and benefits of exercise based cardiac rehab:

  • Facilitate a shorter period of recovery after an acute cardiac event
  • Prevent further narrowing of blood vessels
  • Help deliver blood to the heart
  • Help heart maintain a normal rhythm
  • Reduce risk of hospital readmission and reoccurring heart events
  • Improve cardiac health including blood pressure and angina
  • Reduce presence of comorbidities and associated heart risk factors
  • Improve wellbeing and health related quality of life
  • Increase your ability to be physically active
  • Reduce anxiety and depression
  • Improve wellbeing and health related quality of life
  • Increase your social support being around other people in similar situations

Register your interest

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