Terms & FAQs (Glengowrie)

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Can I suspend my gymnastic membership?

All direct debit memberships are entitled to up to four (4) weeks suspension per calendar year. A request for suspension must be provided two (2) weeks prior to the lesson in which you wish to suspend, by completing a Customer Request Form at the reception desk. Suspensions will not be accepted verbally or if submitted after the two weeks cut off.

Over the Christmas holidays, there will be a mandatory four (4) week program break.

Medical Credits – all YMCA gymnastics members will be credited for medical reasons, upon receipt of a signed and completed Customer Request Form with a valid medical certificate attached. The next direct debit will be adjusted accordingly.

How do I cancel my membership?

Our direct debit membership is a perpetual membership. Classes and payments do not stop unless a YMCA Cancellation or Customer Request Form are complete and submitted with 14 days’ notice, allowing one final payment to occur.

When will assessments occur?

As a part of the new 48-week program, students will be assessed and grouped according to their levels; from here, they will undergo ongoing assessments and progress through the levels as they improve. Certificates will be presented to children based on your child’s progression.

How will I know that my child is ready to move to the next level?

Our Program Coordinator will contact you to notify of your child’s new level and session time.

What is the Hot Weather policy?

The Cancellation Policy for gymnastic classes in case of hot weather is based on the Internal Temperature being 36 degrees or above with the air conditioner running. Families will be notified with as much prior notice as possible if classes are cancelled.

Can we take make-up classes?

Unfortunately we do not offer make-up lessons. Direct debit memberships have 4 weeks of complementary suspension per calendar year which can be used for planned absences with 2 weeks notice provided (ie. vacation).

You can also receive a lesson credit if a lesson is missed due to illness. Call to inform and/or email to inform us of the illness absence, then complete a request form with a Dr signed Medical Certificate.