Fitness Consultations

Our revamped member consultation program is tailored to you - it's flexible, simple and leverages the latest technology so you can start your fitness journey with confidence, support and a clear path to achieving results.

Your membership includes free one-on-one consultations with a certified Fitness Trainer to set you up for success and on your way to achieving your fitness goals.

Each consultation is tailored to you – so whether you’re just starting out in the gym or know your way around the weights, we’re confident we can help. Completing a Fitness Consultation is not mandatory, however, the vast majority of members do opt-in.


Initial Fitness Consult
1 for the lift of the membership
Ideally book immediately after joining (60 minute appt.)
Establish your fitness goals, baseline body composition scan, and personalised program
Follow Up Consult
1 for the life of the membership
3-4 weeks post initial consult (30 minute appt.)
Review progress to date and update program
Up to 6 per calendar year
Recommended up to every 8 weeks as required (30 minute appt.)
Customer driven; examples include program update, goal review, and exercise technique assistance
Body Scan
Up to 2 per calendar year, $25 per additional scan
As required (15 minute appt.)
Body composition scan and review (uploaded to YMCA SA App)

Take stock where you’re at and define where you want to be.

Know your stats - Utilising a medical grade body composition scanner, baseline measurements are uploaded into the App.

Nutrition is Key - Nutrition plays a crucial role in achieving your wellness goals. We recommend MyFitnessPal to track food intake, and Eat This Much for suggested meal plans.

Workout Walk - Through While you warm-up we’ll create a workout program tailored to what you’re looking to achieve and matched to the data from the body scan. After a warm-up, together with the trainer we will do a run-through of the workout discussing technique, form, and correct weight. The custom program is available for you to follow in the YMCA SA App.


Check-in with a qualified trainer and discuss your first few weeks in the gym. The trainer will update your workout program and answer any questions you may have. Pending your success to date, you may opt to complete a second Body Scan to review results, however, for most customers we recommend waiting at least 2-3 months for the second scan.

CHECK-IN'S (30 Minutes)

Check-ins give members direct access to qualified trainers throughout their training journey. Members receive up to 6 check-in’s per calendar year at no cost. The below list are common themes for check-ins:

  • Update your workout program (and upload your workout into the App)
  • Provide assistance with your workout/exercises/equipment, demonstrating correct form, correct weight/sets/reps
  • Assistance with the YMCA SA App and MyWellness, including tracking your exercise, using the App to book group fitness, and reviewing historical body composition data
  • Update your workout goal and adapt your workout program accordingly
BODY SCANS (15 Minutes)

Body composition scanners are a game-changer in the fitness industry. The medical-grade scanner completes a full body composition analysis in 20 seconds, providing a complete picture of physical make-up. The scanner reports a detailed analysis of fat, bone and muscle mass broken down by segment (i.e. trunk, arms, legs), all of which is uploaded into the YMCA SA App. Future scans are also uploaded into the App enabling easy comparison and tracking towards your goals.

We encourage all members to utilise body scans as part of our Fitness Consultation program. However, you are welcome to only opt for a Body Scan if preferred.


  1. Complete a pre-exercise assessment (PARQ) at time of joining
    If this assessment recommends a visit to your medical professional before exercise, you’ll need to do this before meeting with a trainer.
  2. Customer Service
    Having the consult as soon after joining as possible is ideal, however you can start the process at any time.
  3. Download the YMCA SA App
    The App is the backbone to our Fitness Consultation program hosting
  4. Complete your Aspiration Map*
    The 1 minute online survey helps uncovers the reasons you joined the gym and your key motivations.

    *Links to get started with the YMCA SA App and complete the Aspiration Map are emailed upon joining.
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