Casual Admission

Health & Fitness Access

Group Fitness (Zumba & Box Fit)$16.00
Older Adult Group Fitness$8.00
Strength for Life$10.00
Strength for Life Assessment$45.00
Fitness Assessment and Program Development$50.00

A Strength for Life Assessment is required prior to attending a Strength for Life Class

Stadium Access

Court Hire (per hour)$62.00
Half Court Hire (per hour)$31.50
Casual Shots (basketball)$6.00
Tennis (per person)$9.00
Badminton (per person)$9.00
Pickleball (per person)$9.00
Professional Services Fees

As public community facilities, the YMCA welcomes external professionals (e.g. Physio Therapists and Exercise Physiologists) to utilise our facilities for their clients. To reflect that these professionals are operating commercial businesses, additional fees apply as per the below table:

Professional Services Surcharge (p/session) *Max 2hr session$20
Professional Services Fee Additional Time (p/hr)$5
Participant/Client Entry Fee (concession casual admission price)$5.40*
Lane/space hire (p/hr)$25*

*Example fees shown, actual admission and hire charges vary by centre.

Example Pricing: Physio bringing 4 clients to do therapy in a dedicated swim lane for 3 hours, pricing as follows:

  • Professional Services Surcharge $20 + additional hour charge of $5
  • Lane hire $25 x 3 = $75
  • Participants admission $21.60 (admission charge varies by site, the 'professional' does not need to pay admission)